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Diabetic Healing

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Family Friendly Hypnosis,

provides hypnosis services to help create positive changes and new beginnings in your life.

From our early life we adapt to the conditioning and truth we experience. Those experiences shape our thoughts and our reactions to situations. When we outgrow these thought patterns, it is often hard not to react the same way to a situation as we have done before.

Even though we have embraced new conditioning and truth, our conscious mind is still preventing the newly found truth from being fully established and has created a barrier to the door of our subconscious mind. This door is known as the Critical Faculty.

Hypnosis is a state in which the critical faculty barrier is temporarily resolved. In the state of hypnosis, the subconscious mind can be reached by the hypnotist and can then be informed about the clients new set goals in life.

That is to say, the conscious mind will not be blocking access to the subconscious mind when one is in the state of hypnosis which is also known as a meditative state or trance state.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis!

All hypnosis is self hypnosis because the hypnotist or hypnotherapist cannot change anything that is not your personal will or that will go against your morals. You will only accept suggestions given to you that are acceptable to you. The hypnotist will only give you suggestions compatible with your desired results. 

The given suggestions may or may not be heard by the client. This all depends on the depth of trance. Often a client hears partially what is being shared and often a client drifts off and does not follow the hypnotherapist at all. It is not important to hear the suggestions with your conscious mind as your subconscious mind is being addressed and is always listening.

Who can be hypnotized?

Anyone that has the desire to achieve positive results they need.

Anyone that has an IQ of 70 or higher.

Anyone that can follow instructions.

Open your mind

Do you want to improve your performance? Whether it's optimizing your performance and sales, athleticism, as a student, or in your private life or if you want to expand your skill set or reduce stress, hypnosis will help you unlock the door that leads to your full potential.

Hypnosis accesses the core of your thoughts and intentions that reside in your subconscious mind and activates it in order to start producing the desired results at the conscious level.



Results of a Comparative Study by American Health Magazine:



 38% recovery after 600 sessions

         Behavior Therapy:

 72% recovery after 22 sessions


   98% recovery after SIX sessions

   Hypnosis is now successfully being used to treat a wide variety of both medical and mental health conditions. It is both alternative and “complementary” to the more mainstream treatment options of pharmaceutical drugs and psychotherapy. 

Like my beautiful grandchild pictured here, we all come into this world with a clean slate. Hypnosis can help heal  jaded adults and return them to the promise they were born with.

Self- Hypnosis Class

Check our EVENTS calendar for availability.

 On selective Sundays…..FREE.…..Self Hypnosis class…..1:00-3:00pm

Students must enroll prior to class due to limited space. A $5.00 donation for class materials is requested. It is advisable to wear loose fitting clothing and remove contact lenses prior to class. If you read or viewed the movie “The Secret,” Self-Hypnosis is the vehicle of the “Law of Attraction.” It is the way, the secret! Family Friendly Hypnosis can be contacted for reservations 

(845) 459-3311 or (845) 662-5919.


Give yourself the opportunity to discover the power of your imagination!

LEARN TO EMPOWER YOURSELF WITH THE "SECRET" Change your life for the better.


ENJOY LIFE with a Healthy New Body!



The ravages of Type 2 Diabetes can be stopped and are reversible with the proper diet. At Family Friendly Hypnosis we teach Self Hypnosis classes for FREE to help everyone. Its knowledge and use can especially help our diabetic clients stay on track with their blood sugar. For one on one hypnosis sessions, we require that you be under a Doctors care and have their consent for us to work with you. Hypnosis is a evidenced based natural healing method. Nothing is more powerful for bringing change into your life.

Go to our Events page on the pull down menu for information on our next FREE Self Hypnosis class

Alternate Healing


Suggestive Therapeutics for healing the Mind, Body and Spirit

"Millions of people are suffering with mental anguish and are striving unsccessfully to find help. Hypnotherapy is the answer for most of them because it is short-term, safe, practical and effective."

                         Charles Tebbetts

                   "Miracles on Demand."

Not everyone can afford private hypnosis sessions. It is for this reason we offer Group sessions for weight management and smoking cessation. Groups can be highly effective. We plan on creating several inexpensive groups.


Metamorphosis & Weight Management

6 Biggest Mistakes Dieters Make

1) Believing the Latest Diet Findings. Almost every study about diets and food coming out of America is corrupted by corporate interests. Food corporations literally fund false and misleading studies that contradict legitimate research findings that hurt their bottom line. It's all about CEO's and profits. It has nothing to do with the public health. The "Food Pyramid," fostered on the public by the US Department of Agriculture has for the past four decades given Americans the wrong information. It was created by and for commercial interests. Common sense and a little knowledge of human history and eating patterns can show you the way. Humans are the ONLY species on "Planet Earth," that  become obese. All other life forms not domesticated, naturally maintained their ideal body weight! Ever wonder why?


2) Overlooking What Fluids We Intake. Fruit juices and commercially manufactured sodas and drinks of any kind other than no carbohydrates drinks, will defeat our attempt to shed the pounds. Avoid any drink or food that has high fructose corn syrup. It is simply poison. Water in abundance, unsweetened teas and black coffee are our best bet. Unsweetened green tea is superb. Fresh lemon in water is refreshing for those times when you need a pick me up. If you must have bubbly, drink seltzer with a squeeze of lemon.

3) Not Eating Salad On A Daily Basis. 

Salads not only have dietary fibre but are nutrient-rich with many necessary vitamin and minerals. When green vegetables are used, salads become a powerhouse of goodness that helps lower cholesterol levels. Simply said, salads are a favorable addition to any diet and are tremendous for overall health. Bonus TIP* Avoid all commercially manufactured dressings! Go to a Low Carb/Keto/Paleo, web site to get healthy salad dressing recipes or make friends with olive oil: and red vinegar or lemon juice. Olives, Seeds and Berrys can add an exciting dimension to the every day salad. Not eating a daily salad is one of the greatest mistakes dieters night. Salads are very filling and very low calorie, (depending on the dressing of course.)

4) Relying on gym attendance to help you shed the excess weight. Exercise is overstated on its ability to help you lose weight. It is excellent for toning the body and strengthening physical endurance. Many people however, have lost dramatic amounts of weight without a single exercise session.  Eating one slice of bread after climbing 11 flights of stairs cancels out any weight loss gain you might have received from the workout! Think about that the next time someone tries to sell you a gym membership. Simple walking is the best exercise. You don't need an expensive gym to do that. 


5) Erroneously Believing Three Meals A Day Is Necessary For Good Health. This is complete nonsense. Many humans  survive on far less food then three meals a day. The curative powers of fasting and eating less are well documented. Primitive humans, generally speaking were far healthier because they ate to live and did not live to eat. 

6) Not Keeping A Food Diary To Keep Track Of How Much You Consume. 


Combined with proper nutrition nothing is more powerful for weight maintenance then Suggestive Therapeutics/ Hypnosis


Meal Planning Guidance


Meal prepping is important for most people today because of our fast paced lifestyles. Having a healthy delicious meal ready to go can benefit your weight loss plan. Keeping a food diary is as equally important. The "TOPS  CLUB INC" is an experienced team that will introduce you to delicious food and show you the way you can include your favorite foods into your healthy meal plans. We recommend the $2.00/week inexpensive  TOPS CLUB membership for keeping the weight off after attaining your weight loss goals with the power of Suggestive Therapeutics/ Hypnosis. 


"Live Long and Prosper"

            Become a non-smoker for the rest of your life!

            Only hours away from a Smoke Free existence!


Smoking contributes greatly to diabetes and numerous other health issues.

At Family Friendly Hypnosis EVERY CLIENT IS TAUGHT 

SELF-HYPNOSIS at no extra charge. We want all our clients to deal effectively with the many issues and triggers that may contribute to their desire to smoke.

                                      LEAVE THE PACK BEHIND

Current Orange County, NY price at Walmart for Marlboro....$9.75/pack! One pack/ habit costs $3558.75 per year! 

Two pack/ habit costs $7171.50 per year! 

Three pack/ habit costs $10, 676.25 per year! 

The 3 pack habit is enough money for the down payment on a small house or the purchase of a decent used car) 

Think Hypnosis is expensive? Aren't you tired yet of being fleeced by the government and tobacco companies? Want to have more money for that vacation? Well then! Isn't it time for you to stop smoking? Call for a free consultation.

Next time you feel like you are dying for a cigarette, maybe you are!

Stop Smoking Timeline

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JUST STOP SMOKING! Hypnosis can help!


A Hypnotist's Code of Ethics by Claude Horstmann


Everything that happens at Family Friendly Hypnosis during you're session is strictly confidential. We do not reveal to anyone that you are a client unless court ordered to do so.

The clients ability to follow directions and actively participate in the hypnosis process will directly affect the outcome. It will help considerably to cooperate fully with the directions given. This will help to better ensure a more successful outcome.

The results of hypnosis can vary from person-to-person and from session to session. Therefore, it is impossible to guarantee any specific results. No two human beings are like.

At Family Friendly Hypnosis we will not discriminate based on race, creed or sexual orientation and actively welcome clients from LGBT community. 

Hypnosis it Is not a substitute for a licensed medical professionals care. Many ailments affecting the emotions and physical well-being can be healed quickly and effectively with hypnosis but will require a license medical professionals referral. You may download the physicians referral slip on this website under, "SERVICES." Have your Doctor sign it and bring it with you to your first session. If we determine you're not taken the appropriate steps to consult with your physician or licensed healthcare practitioner before you see us we will refuse to work with you until you have done so.

During a hypnosis session if you recall something that has legal implications, we will stop your session. Hypnotically induced memories are not acceptable in a court of law but may negatively impact your ability to pursue a legal action. Therefore, we simply end the session.

In the state of hypnosis you may run the risk of recalling depressing memories of painful, dramatic events. These memories may cause you considerable anguish and despair. Fortunately this discomfort is only temporary. The recognition of these uncomfortable memories help you to escape the suffering attached to them. Hypnotists are trained to deal with such episodes. The remarkable healing powers of hypnosis has been scientifically documented in hundreds of studies.

If you have purchased a series of sessions (a package discount) and have decided to discontinue, you will be refunded the balance minus the discounts. In another words, you will be charged the full single session rate for the sessions you have already attended. All clients are free to stop their session or sessions at any time.

All our sessions are recorded for our protection.

All recordings belong to Family Friendly Hypnosis and can only be viewed buy a Certified Consulting Hypnotist who is employed buy Family Friendly Hypnosis unless the client has given written consent to do otherwise.

Hypnotists can not and do not diagnosis! We will make sure you'll not view anything that we say or do as such.