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Claude M Horstmann CHt


Opening a Hypnosis practice in Warwick NY is a dream come true for Hypnotist Claude M Horstmann. Family Friendly Hypnosis resides in the offices of Nurse Practitioner Mary Ann Ryan at the landmark Clock tower building. Introduced to hypnotism during his adolescent years by instruction in the spiritual teachings of Russian mystic George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, Horstmann developed a life long interest in the subject of Hypnotism. This healing modality was central to Gurdjieff’s spiritual teachings and he devoted his younger years to healing alcoholics in his native Russia with its practice. Moreover, Gurdjieff mentions hypnosis in all five of his books and devoted two chapters to hypnotism in his magnum opus, “Beelzebub’s tales to his grandson.”

There were no schools for hypnosis when Horstmann was a young man but by age fourteen, He knew all about Franz Anton Mesmer and his contribution to the development of modern day hypnosis practice. There are many hypnosis schools out there today. Unfortunately, all are not equal. Horstmann is a graduate of two of the most respected schools in the country. The National Guild of Hypnotists recognizes both The Academy of Professional Hypnosis, Union NJ and the Omni Hypnosis Training Center, Deland FL as leaders in the profession. 

Numerous scientific investigations have dispelled many of the myths about Hypnosis that were created buy sensationalized books, movies and TV shows. 

Hypnosis is accepted by many in the medical community as a reliable evidence based healing  practice. PET scans have demonstrated when a hypnotized subject was shown a color image and then given the suggestion to only see black-and-white, there was decreased activity in the part of the brain that perceived color. This fact clearly demonstrated that hypnosis involves more then just pretending and that something unusual is happening in the human brain when hypnotized. 

In 1955 The British Medical Association approved its use. It was quickly followed by The American Medical Association in 1958 and the Canadian Medical Association in 1959. The Catholic church approved it use for pain relief during childbirth in 1956. Clinical hypnosis is not only safe but noninvasive. There are no side effects, false memories, overdoses, infections or complications. In all of recorded history, no one has ever been harmed by hypnosis. In contrast, millions have been helped to lead happier more productive lives with its use. 

Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis are remarkable tools for personal transformation and change. Hypnosis, by a trained operator is more powerful than self hypnosis but both have been proven to alleviate numerous physical and emotional ailments. Its remarkable success with addictions, pain management and inner growth are well documented. Horstmann used hypnosis to kick a 3 pack a day smoking habit decades ago. Smoking and obesity contribute greatly to type II diabetes and the diseases relationship to premature death. Horstmann, himself a diabetic, has a personal commitment to help others conquer the ravages of this wasting disease. Some conditions treated with hypnosis will require a licensed medical professional’s referral. This is easily accomplished and is required by New York State law.

Workshops in Self-Hypnosis for Weight Management and Smoking cessation are held at Family Friendly Hypnosis on Sundays at the landmark Clocktower building in Warwick. Students must enroll prior to class due to limited space.  It is advisable to wear loose fitting clothing and remove your contact lenses for the class. Family Friendly Hypnosis can be contacted at (845) 459–3311 or (845) 662–5919.

Horstmann also gives free demonstrations for clubs & Not for Profit organizations upon request. Do something unusual this Sunday and have a powerful life changing experience.

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Claude M Horstmann


Interfaith Minister, Buddhist, Masonic Chaplin, 

Former: Motion Picture Studio Employee, Puppeteer, Caterer, Historical Re enactor, History Advocate.  


Personal Heroes: Sir Francis Bacon, Thomas Paine, Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, Viktor Frankl, Helen Keller, Dr Martin Luther King, Lame Deer, George Carlin, Mohammad Ali.  

I was reared in the traditions of "Esoteric Christianity." My Father was a active member of Mr Willem A Nyland's Gurdjieff group. W. A Nyland was chosen by Gurdjieff to teach his method in America. The group originally met in a loft on Lexington Ave in New York City. I spent many weekends at Willem Nylan's home in Brewster, NY where the group strove for higher consciousness by actively performing what Gurdjieff called,"The Work." In the late 1960's Nyland moved his group to Warwick NY. The group purchased 13 acres with a large barn. It is known to locals today, as the, "Chardavogne Barn." As an avid reader from early childhood, I studied the great religions of the world with much interest. History, philosophy and religion were my main focus. I read most of the books associated with Gurdjieff including memoirs about him that were in print at that time. I had a personal affinity for Gurdjieff's "Meetings with Remarkable Man," and greatly enjoyed Fritz Peters memoirs "Boyhood with Gurdjieff," renamed "My Journey with a Mystic." Being a follower of the "Fourth Way," however, was not for me. I do believe however, Gurdjieff's knowledge of hypnotism gave him a powerful Intuitiveness about the human condition. His perspective on humanity was truly unique among spiritual teachers. I will always be eternally grateful for my boyhood introduction into the," Fourth Way."  Having read hundreds of books on various philosophies and religions, I found Buddhism to be my path. Buddha and Gurdjieff both understood the workings of the human mind. 

I have been an active Freemason for forty years. Freemasonry's message of Tolerance, Universal Brotherhood and Charity inspired me to do many good works in its name over the course of my life. Having committed the entire Masonic ritual to memory, I was much in demand for giving the historical ritual lectures in my early days in Freemaonry. I traveled extensively throughout Orange and Rockland County's teaching Freemasonry to new candidates by way of the Masonic historical lectures. I had the privilege of giving eight West Point Cadets all three of their degrees. 

Additionally, I discovered and led the effort to save the oldest surviving Masonic Lodge room in New York State and the second oldest in the United States. The John McGarrah Stagecoach Inn historic house museum located in Monroe, New York,  took 15 years of struggle and personal commitment to realize. It took many years to convince the memberships of Standard Lodge 711, Woodbury Lodge 993 and Lorillard Lodge 858 to consolidate and resurrect the original Cornerstone Lodge that met in the stagecoach inn. The combined resources allowed the members to purchase the property and save it from the wrecking ball. I served as the First President of the Cornerstone Masonic Historical Society a 501(c)(3) (which was created to historically preserve the site) for 15 years before I resigned due to burnout and exhaustion. The Stagecoach Inn is now part of" The National Register of Historic Places."  This beautiful example of Federal style architecture is on the corner of Maple & Stage Rd. 

The Buddha said, "Everything changes, nothing remains without change." I have learned that on this earth there is rarely a place at the table for torchbearers, pathfinders or founding fathers. That said, I left Mc Garrah's Inn behind. 

My love of history however would not allow me to completely retire from involvement in historic preservation. I currently serve on the Haight Family Cemetery Board (501-c13) to help preserve this beautiful historic property in the center of Goshen, New York. Goshen Lodge F&AM #365 helps maintain the property and meets in the Victorian style caretakers cottage which the Freemasons completely restored. Goshen, NY is building a new library next door. The membership looks forward to a bright future there. The Haight Family Cemetery Board encourages the use of their pavilion and grounds for worthy causes. Fundraisers for children with cancer, etc. are conducted regularly on the grounds.

* Interesting Note: 

Franz Anton Mesmer (who started the practice of Hypnotism in the west) was a friend and fellow Freemason with Amadeus Mozart and Benjamin Franklin. They enjoyed playing Franklin's musical invention the Armonica together. Mesmer purchased one for his home.